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Even with just a few weeks left in site, I’m still learning and experience new things. For instance:

- Spending the afternoon pulling out fleas out of our new puppy with my host mom.

- Watching youtube videos of preteens in the US making friendships bracelets so I can then teach them to my youth group.

- Creating a community bank with the group of senior citizen women I teach exercise classes to.

The countdown has begun and everyday I feel a little more anxious about the things I need to do before I leave site! Here’s a few of them:

- Finish projects and organize despedidas

- Complete Description of Service document and submit to PC

- Sell and/or distribute stuff I don’t want

- Pass on knowledge to the new members of the committees I’m on

My group already had our COS conference (about 3 months before you officially leave Peru) in Lima as well as our medical checks, where we had to poop in a cup three times and give blood and urine samples. A lot of my group is leaving 1 month before our official COS date (which is in August) because of grad school start dates. That includes me. So in less than a month I’ll be traveling in Argentina and finally heading home to the US!

And since I seem to be on a list-making rage, here’s one of what I’ll miss in Peru:

- Host family

- All the people I’ve worked closely with and have helped my projects happen

- Food… delicious menus for 4 soles in my site

- Speaking in Spanish

- My freedom here to create my own days and schedule

I’ll update more of my overall experience in a bit (I hope)!